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Handbook for anti-counterfeiting experts.

English Version

Handbook for anti-counterfeiting experts.

Italian Version

Handbook for anti-counterfeiting experts.

Spanish Version

Handbook for anti-counterfeiting experts.

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JUSTORIGINAL aims at improving the understanding and awareness of young consumers (11-17 years old) about the counterfeiting risks and the effects of the Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) violations. In line with the Call Narratives, JUSTORIGINAL will contribute to the achievement of the Call goals, focusing on young consumers’ needs. In particular, it will interpret and concretely apply the Narratives as follows:

  • Narrative 1: Respect my own creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as that of others and note the importance of protecting them by investing in young people’s education through 1 fair in each partner country, to present the counterfeiting phenomenon and the protection of IP to the project target, and through 24 effective informative sessions in total. The social media campaign will also contribute to prevent this phenomenon and to preserve the integrity of young consumers, future entrepreneurs and innovative creators who are not fully aware of the importance of IPR.
  • Narrative 2: Acknowledgement of the value of original products and legal sources  of digital  content  to avoid confusion among consumers by developing relevant materials, and in particular 1 user-friendly handbook collecting 6  factsheets to make the solid expertise and the important knowledge of the partners available for the direct beneficiaries, who will easily understand the main concepts and will have a clear overview of the importance of genuine products and the potential risks of illegal sources for digital contents.
  • Narrative 3: Identification of the risks associated with counterfeiting and piracy, as well as how to exercise caution and prevent them through the 4 informative sessions to be implemented in each participating school, offering a concrete application of the main notions and key concepts that will the core of the educational programme.
  • Narrative 4: Encouraging and enhancing the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of young Europeans,  including children in schools and youth in tertiary education through the implementation of 1 comprehensive awareness raising programme, consisting of interesting informative sessions and based on the peer-to-peer approach and workshop activities, in order to involve the priority target audience of the call and to facilitate their interaction.

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