JUSTORIGINAL aims at improving the understanding and awareness of young consumers (11-17 years old) about the counterfeiting risks and the effects of the Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) violations. Counterfeiting is a complex phenomenon that embraces multiple aspects of economic and social life. Beyond the economic implications that this phenomenon has in the various productive sectors, it is necessary to consider also those linked to the social and educational sphere, as the consumers are the weakest subjects of this complex system. Thus, a holistic and comprehensive approach will characterize JUSTORIGINAL, inviting a wide variety of stakeholders, to be involved in the project activities and events through invitation letters, social media posts, emails, and calls to action. While adult consumers are not fully aware about counterfeiting risks and IPR violations’ dangers, the youngsters do not know anything about these relevant issues and need complete, comprehensive and understandable information. JUSTORIGINAL scope is in line with both specific objectives of the call. Indeed, the project wants to contribute to increase knowledge of the IP value as a tool to protect creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (1), and engage priority audience regarding these issues (2).
In particular, JUSTORIGINAL aims to:

  • Understand and enhance young citizens’ awareness of the extent of counterfeiting and piracy, starting from their perception and lived experience through interactive discussion, intergenerational dialogue and proactive involvement of students.
  • Raise the self-protection of the consumer, involving him/her as an active party in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, through an information campaign promoted by all partners in the participating countries and on the web;
  • Disseminate information on the consumption of counterfeit products and industrial property and actively involve the consumer.